A Modern Forensic Facility

A Modern Forensic Facility

To do a job as tough as this, especially during a pandemic, you need a proper facility and equipment. I’m fighting to ensure Chester County leads the Commonwealth in our standard of care, starting with a state of the art facility!

Join me in making sure Chester County is prepared to respond to all types of cases, even in a pandemic!

Working with Law Enforcement

Working with Law Enforcement

In my current role, I work extensively with law enforcement and other local agencies on multiple task forces focused on investigation and on readiness in the event of an incident in our community. Nothing is more important than keeping Chester County safe, and making sure justice is done. I’ll continue that collaboration and find areas to improve it when I’m Coroner!

Compassion as Action

Compassion as Action

The Coroner’s Office doesn’t just serve the deceased, we serve the family members of that person as well and there isn’t a more important aspect of the job than approaching the job with compassion each day. We’re dealing with family members in grief and if we do our job right we can make their lives a little easier while ensuring that each of our cases gets the proper review and justice that they deserve. Compassion informs how I approach every one of our policies and how we work with our impacted families and it will remain a cornerstone of my tenure as Coroner.

Sophia is passionate about leading the Coroner's Office with vision and experience to provide a valuable service to the residents of Chester County. Sophia's the only candidate who understands what effective leadership of a Coroner's Office is, because she's already doing it.


Join Me!

Credibility, Compassion and Commitment for Chester County Coroner

My Mission

Being the Coroner isn’t a part time job to me. It’s not something to do after you’re retired from a long career. I went to school specifically to do this job, getting my Bachelor’s in Anthropology, my Master’s in Forensic Medicine and interning at the world renowned Human ID Lab in California, as well as the Philadelphia Medical Examiner. I’ve got years of experience as a death investigator working for New Jersey Medical Examiner’s Office and have been helping to run the Chester County Coroner’s Office for two years now.¬† ¬†This is my number one commitment and what gets me up in the morning each day (or night, death never sleeps).

Join me in my campaign to bring my passion, my experience and my values to serving the citizens of Chester County as Coroner.

Help us reach our goal

Every dollar counts! If you can, please donate a few dollars to our campaign, it makes all the difference in the world to us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And most importantly don’t forget to go out and VOTE on November 2nd!

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Join Sophia for a Pig Roast!

Join Sophia for a Pig Roast!

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