You've got burning questions...we know you do. Here are some of the most common Sophia gets.

Q: Do you have to be a doctor to be Coroner?

A: No! Actually the only requirement is to be a citizen of Chester County and be over 18. There isn’t a need to be a medical doctor  since you don’t do the autopsies yourself. In fact it’s very common for the Coroner to not be a doctor. Of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania that have a Coroner only 9 of them are doctors. The other 58 are passionate people just like me.

Q: Who’s the cute dog in your pictures?

A: That’s Chico my Chihuahua mix! She’s 7 years old and sweet as can be, named for my alma mater California State University, Chico. She might make a campaign stop or two at some point so be on the look out!

Q: What are the duties of the Coroner?

A: The Coroner determines cause and manner of death and signs death certificates for deceased persons within our jurisdiction. We also handle the disposition of any unclaimed decedents for Chester County. As part of that role we investigate deaths, order and oversee autopsies, work with law enforcement and other agencies on investigations, and approve all organ donation requests.

Q: Does the Coroner perform autopsies?

A: Not usually. They would have to be a board certified forensic pathologist to do an autopsy.

Q: What types of deaths does a Coroner investigate?

A: The Coroner investigates 5 manners of death: Homicide, Suicide, Accident, Undetermined, and Natural.

Q: What’s your coolest story?

A: I’d be happy to entertain you with some interesting stories over drinks sometime!

Q: What’s your favorite forensic TV show?

A: Forensic Files. It’s the only one that’s actually accurate.

Q: Have you seen the show Quincy, M.E.?

A: No, I think I’m a little too young. The show ended before I was born.

Q: Doesn’t the smell bother you?

A: Actually, no. I guess I was just born for this job.

Q: How can we help?

A: I’ve been super grateful for outpouring of support for my campaign, and I’m looking forward to connecting with each and every supporter over the next few months. In the meantime, increasing our campaign resources allows us to connect with even more folks and get Democrats out to vote on November 2nd. Giving just $5 or $10 makes all the difference, which you can do easily by clicking this link. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sophia and her pup Chico