Sophia understands that compassion is essential to doing this job well. Compassion as action must be at the center of every policy and of every interaction with the public.

It’s not usual to associate the government and compassion but that’s exactly what Sophia has brought to her role as the Chief Deputy Coroner in the two years she has been with the office, and what she will instill as her central values when she is Coroner.

Unlike most political offices the Coroner spends a great deal of time talking to family members in the depths of grief. By the nature of the office 99% of the time if you have to deal with the Coroner’s Office it’s because someone you love had died. That’s an incredibly difficult and emotional time for anyone, and having to deal with the government isn’t on anyone’s list of priorities.

Sophia understands this. She has spent years talking to family members during all types of incredibly trying times and always approaches those families with openness, honesty, and compassion for what they are going through. She believes her job as Coroner is to make the process as easy as possible for the families she works with, informing them of the details of their loved one’s passing and ensuring justice is served.

The same can be said about how policy decisions are made. Compassion as action should inform every decision on how the office conducts its duty. Understanding that families are going through so much, and trying to lighten the load will be at the center of all policies under Sophia’s administration.