Sophia has been working directly with Chester County for years, informing the county of deadly trends the Office is seeing as well as engaging with high school students across the county.

One of the roles of the Coroner’s Office is to increase public awareness. The Office provides a critical feedback loop on deadly trends affecting the County’s residents. Some problems are so complex that it requires an inter-agency task force which is why the Coroner’s Office attends both the Suicide Prevention and Drug Overdose task forces, providing statistics and trends that help shape our County’s policies and help shine a spotlight on these important issues to the larger community. Sophia would continue these initiatives and find new ways to inform the public about what they can do to help put an end to these deadly trends.

The Coroner’s Office also works with the public on a number of educational initiatives, including holding public information sessions on what the role of the Office is. While the Office has been unable to continue these during the pandemic, Sophia would look to host virtual events when she takes over as Coroner.

Sophia has also been helping to run the high school outreach program for the Office, including going to area high schools to talk about a career in Forensics and holding mock crash scenes (very popular with the kids) that both informs them of what the role of the Coroner is, and provides a vivid illustration of the dangers of drinking and driving.  As Coroner, Sophia will look to expand this program to all Chester County high schools that are interested.

Sophia’s other initiative will be to setup a volunteer program to more directly engage with interested residents who want to learn more about what the Office does. Modeled on the programs for fire companies and the police, this program would give the volunteers an in depth look at the day to day operations of the office, and reinforce why it’s such a critical part of Chester County’s services.